Betty Bardige

Betty S. BardigeEd.D., has dedicated her career to assuring all children a promising start and a lifetime of equitable learning opportunities. As a developmental psychologist, educator, and parent, she knows that early experiences have unique power. Children who enjoy lots of rich, responsive, playful interaction with parents and caregivers develop emotional security, confidence, and increasingly rich language. As their language and knowledge grow, they ask ever more interesting questions and gain more from books, conversation, exploration, and play. Children whose language lags can fall further and further behind without extra supports.

Dr. Bardige’s professional work has focused on those critical early years when children build foundations for relationships, resilience, and lifelong learning. A passionate and prolific writer and speaker, she collaborates with local and statewide initiatives to help parents, early educators, and engaged communities support young children’s language, literacy, and social-emotional development.

As an activist, consultant, and foundation leader, Dr. Bardige has worked for more than 30 years to strengthen systems, programs, and policies that affect young children and their families. She chairs the Brazelton Touchpoints Foundation board, and is a member of the A.L. Mailman Family Foundation board. She has worked with educational and family-serving organizations on program development, evaluation, curriculum, and strategic planning, and has served on boards of local, state, and national organizations, including Smart from the Start, The National Association for Family Child Care, and Facing History and Ourselves. Her nonprofit work fuels her passions and expertise.