The newly updated edition of Talk to Me, Baby! is here. It includes new research and thinking on infant and toddler language — and new strategies for supporting children’s learning, in one or more languages. Like the first edition, it emphasizes the power of play talk, follows children from birth through beginning reading, and concludes with a chapter on building language-supporting communities. It’s filled with anecdotes, games and rhymes in multiple languages, children’s questions, tips for talking with children and for choosing books they will love, and ideas for supporting social-emotional strides as well as language. It also contains a Study Guide.

If you get the electronic version, the links to online resources are live. With either the book or eBook, you get access to a website with downloadable teaching handouts (in English and Spanish!) and links to videos and other teaching resources.

You can order from Amazon, or directly from Brookes, which offers exam copies and bulk purchase discounts.